• International Programs •

HorizonCosmopolite’s services are offered throughout the year, covering a variety of projects around the world.

  • Our personalized service aims to meet your individual needs;
  • The programs are opened to all age groups;
  • There is no strict selection process;
  • It is essential to be resourceful since you will be departing on your own;
  • Accommodation is provided and meals are cooked for you;
  • The duration of these programs varies from a couple of weeks to several months, and departure dates take place throughout the year;
  • Our regular programs are not remunerated;
  • The programs are flexible since you can leave when you want and with whoever you want;
  • You are guaranteed participation in the program of your choice, if such a program is not available you will be reimbursed;
  • Participants will be surrounded by people from the four corners of the world!

Below is a list of countries in which we offer internships. Click on the country of your choice to see all available projects. Please take note that all the projects in Burkina Faso and Haiti are temporarily suspended.