• How Does it Work? •

Application procedures for the International Programs

The registration and selection process is simple and quick. We ask you to begin the process at least 3 months before the expected date of departure.

Step 1: Read our Internet site thoroughly, including the descriptions of the programs.
Step 2: Once you have read the site, ask us for more information on the programs that interest you the most. We will send you the information on these programs by e-mail in PDF format.
Step 3: After reading the information sent to you, get in touch with us to ensure that the programs you have selected correspond to what you are looking for. If you are interested in meeting the HorizonCosmopolite team, please make an appointment. If you cannot come to Montreal, this can all be done over the phone, or e-mail, however, we always prefer to meet you in person if at all possible.


During the first meeting we will give you the necessary details needed to help finalize your decision as to whether or not you want to participate in the program. During this meeting you can always register if you so desire.


Once you have decided to register, we will share with you, via email, the forms that need to be filled. As soon as they are completed and signed, you can return the forms to us, along with your CV and a cover letter both in English (except for Francophone countries and the Discovery group programs). Please note that CVs and cover letters are not required for the language immersion programs.

As well as helping you think through your personal motivations, the cover letter will allow HorizonCosmopolite and the people who will be welcoming you abroad to learn more about you. The cover letter should include: why you want to take part in the internship, a list of reasons why this opportunity is what you want to do, details about yourself and your background.

The registration fee is payable as of this moment.


We usually need 2 to 3 weeks to confirm your participation. Following the confirmation we will begin the pre-departure logistics with you (vaccinations, visas, insurance, plane tickets, training day, participant guide…). You will receive:

  • General information on the organization, telephone numbers and contact information and details on how to get to the location of your program.
  • A participant guide which provides you with information on the realities of traveling abroad.
  • Addresses of relevant embassies.
  • Essential information and resources on the countries you will visit.
  • A pre-departure training day which will help you adapt more easily to life abroad (Two days for Discovery Program).
  • The name and phone number of someone who has already participated in the program.
  • We are at your disposal anytime before your departure and whenever you may need some help. Through our personalized service, we intend to prepare you well for your trip. Preparation is extremely important since you will be traveling alone.

Please note that the registration fees are not refundable once you have registered for a program.



  • HorizonCosmopolite guarantees to place you in the program of your choice however if such a program is not available, you wil be reimbursed (or we will place you in another program of your choice).
  • HorizonCosmopolite will provide you with all the necessary information needed for your trip.
  • We are at your disposal to answer any questions that may arise before your departure, during your internship and after when you will be back. We also offer a pre-departure training day.
  • Our goal aims to prepare you for your departure in the best possible way and provide you with the necessary information for an enriching experience.


  • Participants must take all necessary precautions before departure (health, visas, passport) and participate in the pre-departure training day offered by HorizonCosmopolite.
  • Participants must purchase their plane tickets through HorizonCosmopolite* (unless the participant finds a ticket that is 10% cheaper).
  • Participants must do research on the country they will be visiting in order to understand its customs and culture. Participants should be responsible for their physical and mental preparation.
  • If you want to participate in a second program during the same trip, it will cost $350 + tx, which is refundable if for any reason you are not accepted.

Our programs are organized and structured in such a way that our overseas partner expects you and anticipates your arrival. In many cases, however, you must make your own way to the location of your program. No one will pick you up at the airport and no one will accompany you to the village or town where you will be living. You will have to take local transportation (we will let you know how to get there). Therefore, you must be resourceful.

Our role is to help prepare you for an enriching and unique experience – who knows, it may even change your life!!!

* Travel arrangements are made in association with Escapade Voyages&Aventure, a travel agency holding a Quebec permit #703038.