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Vietnam is not only that country riven and bombed several successive wars made infamous: it also has a rich and unique culture, landscape and spectacular natural sites, and particularly cultivated and hospitable people. The isolation in which he found after the reunification of 1975 has given way to the opening, and now lives in peace. Still relatively little used despite its wealth, the country with two deltas, paddy fields shimmering charm and beauty legendary releases a scent of authenticity: your chance to go to his discovery.

Official title of the country: Socialist Republic of VietNam

Capital: Hanoi

Area: 329 560 sq km

Population: 87 million

Ethnicity: 86.2% Vietnamese, and some sixty ethnolinguistic groups.

Languages: Vietnamese, Chinese dialects of ethnic hill. A segment of the population is still French, and the use of English has become common in commercial matters.

Religions: 80.8% of atheists, 9.3% Buddhist, 6.7% Catholic, 1.5% of Hoa Hao, Cao Dai 1.1%, 0.5% and 0.1% of Protestants Muslims.

our projects in vietnam

This program is open to interns who are interested in working with children who are disabled as a result of exposure to Agent Orange, an herbicide used by the American Army as a defoliant during the Vietnam War. Exposure to Agent Orange can have detrimental effects on humans and is the root cause of many illnesses, cancers and handicaps. These centers have been put in place in order to provide specialized care and support to the disabled children and to promote their reintegration into society. The centers offer special care, treatment, education and vocational training for the children along with counseling services for the parents. Participants will be responsible for organizing activities and assisting the team of caretakers, teachers, cooks and nurses working at the center.

During your internship, you will live in a house located in Hanoi with other volunteers from the four corners of the world. Placements in Ho Chi Minh are also available. Your daily interaction with Vietnamese volunteers who work with the partner organizations will help contribute to a rich intercultural experience, both professionally and personally.

Language Requirements: English

This program is designed for volunteers who are interested in becoming involved in the field of education, in either a rural or urban setting. The large variety in theof available teaching opportunities allows the intern to choose a position that best suits their interests and objectives. Interns can decide what age group to teach whether it iswill be at the primary, secondary or university level and also decide in what region of the country they will want to work. The volunteers will participate in all pedagogical activities in order to support the Vietnamese instructors. Within this stimulating environment, volunteers will benefit from the culturally enriching, rewarding and practical experience.

During your internship, you will live in a house with other volunteers from the four corners of the world. Your daily interaction with Vietnamese volunteers who work with the partner organizations will help contribute to a rich intercultural experience, both professionally and personally.

Language Requirements: English and French

Come lend a helping hand at the “Leaf Pagoda”, a living environment that provides care for orphaned children and the elderly. This project is located in a peaceful and quiet space on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. Developing an organic garden is a new project being implemented. The goal is to use uncultivated land to grow vegetables, which will be an important source of food for the inhabitants of the Pagoda, including monks and children. In addition to ensuring a stable, low-cost and healthy food supply, the project also hopes to cultivate herbs for traditional medicine. Two types of farming can be carried out here: organic vegetable farming or herbal medicine farming. You’re invited to help plant, water, weed or harvest the garden. No experience is necessary, but being in good physical shape is required!

Language Requirements: English

The aim of medical programs is to provide skilled medical professionals and students the chance to experience a new culture and working environment while still learning and developing their specialized medical knowledge. Medical internships are available in an orthopedics & rehabilitation center as well as in a pediatrics hospitals in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) city. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to observe various treatments and provide assistance in basic procedures to the local staff. Interns will be placed according to their field of expertise and interest. They will be housed in a dormitory for international volunteers. Knowledge of the English language is required as well as the desire to share with another culture.

Language Requirements: English

In Vietnam, abandoned children and orphans are entrusted to monks, sometimes left at the door of the temple. Pagodas sometimes take on the added role of becoming orphanages, schools, centers for disabled people or traditional medicine clinics. The sustainability of these structures depends on the charity of the community, the work of the monks and the help of international and local volunteers. There are a variety of tasks that volunteers can assist with in order to improve the daily life of residents and children. The orphaned children are mostly in need of attention, affection and love. Projects with orphans take place in the region of Ho Chi Minh.

Language Requirements: English

 If you are interested in becoming involved with a Vietnamese non-governmental organization in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh regions, then this is the internship for you!

HorizonCosmopolite’s partner organizations in Vietnam are dedicated to improving the living conditions within their local communities. They are looking forward to hosting international volunteers who can assist with administrative tasks and other duties. If you are interested in community development, sustainable development or environmental protection, this is your opportunity to be of service and learn about national and global issues. Advanced English is required and placements are customized according to the volunteer’s skills and interests.

Language Requirements: English

This opportunity is designed for people who value the protection of endangered species and would like to gain hands-on experience in rescuing wildlife in Vietnam. The rescue center rehabilitates a variety of animals including reptiles, primates, bears and large cats. Some of the animals recover and are returned back to the wilderness; however, others will require consistent care for the rest of their lives. Raising public awareness on the importance of wildlife protection is another part of the center’s mission. Educational activities are conducted focusing on the illegal wildlife trade and the protection of Vietnamese biodiversity. Volunteers will be responsible for a variety of tasks. No experience is necessary in order to participate, but volunteers should be in good physical shape.

Language Requirements: English

Participate in environmental protection work, by joining Vietnamese citizens and the scientific community in safeguarding the mangrove forest, better known as the “green lungs” of Ho Chi Minh City. Biosphere reserves are sites established by national governments and recognized under UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme, to promote sustainable development based on local community efforts and scientific evidence. The reserves promote the conservation of biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development through partnerships between people and nature. Come plant trees, conduct educational activities for young people, work at a vegetable research laboratory or care for wild animals. With a wide range of tasks available, both beginners and more experienced volunteers are welcome to join. Being in shape and an enthusiasm for manual labor are the only pre-requisites.

Language Requirements: English

Additional information:

  Length of stay Registration fee Participation fee
Disabled Children

Orphan Children

 2 weeks and more $700 CAD + tax 2 weeks: $410 USD
3 weeks: $515 USD
4 weeks: $620 USD
Add $105 USD for each additional week (Exchange rate)
Animal Rescue Center  1 week and more $700 CAD + tax 1 week: $310 USD
Add $105 USD for each additional week (Exchange rate)
Teaching  2 weeks and more $700 CAD + tax 2 weeks: $410 USD
3 weeks: $515 USD
4 weeks: $620 USD
Add $105 USD for each additional week.(Exchange rate)
Health  2 weeks and more $700 CAD + tax Orthopedics & rehabilitation center:
2 weeks: $460 USD
Add $105 USD for each additional week

Pediatrics hospital:
2 weeks: $510 USD
Add $155 USD for each additional week (Exchange rate)


Biosphere Reserve

 2 weeks and more $700 CAD + tax 2 weeks: $410 USD
3 weeks: $515 USD
4 weeks: $620 USD
Add $105 USD for each additional week (Exchange rate)
NGO  8 weeks and more $700 CAD + tax  8 weeks: $1040 USD
Add $105 USD for each additional week(Exchange rate)
What’s included?
  • Pre-departure orientation session
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Technical Support
  • Pick-up Airport
Our service includes: detailed and personalized support, plane ticket reservation, visa advice, information about vaccines, a pre-departure orientation day, a participant guide to help with the preparation of your trip, and a confirmation from our partner abroad. The placement is guaranteed or you will be one hundred percent reimbursed.
  • Plane Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passport
  • Vaccination
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Exit Tax (if needed)