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1) We’ve proven ourselves!

HorizonCosmopolite was established in 1997. We have sent thousands of participants to over thirty countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Although every participant and internship is unique, we have developed an expertise in solidarity trips – all for your benefit!

2) We are a Quebec based organization

Do you prefer to buy local when you are doing your grocery shopping or picking out Christmas presents? Well you should do the same for your choice of solidarity trips! We are an organization that has been based in Montreal since 1997. By choosing our services, you are contributing to economic solidarity and encouraging a small Quebec business. Furthermore, you are always welcome to our offices and we would more than happy to meet in person during your pre-departure training. By placing your trust in our organization for your community involvement trip, you are supporting a local service and investing in the local economy.

3) We partner with trusted organizations

We have created partnerships with different local organizations abroad. We have built relationships over many years with the majority of our partners. We have visited our partners several times and are in constant communication with them. We know the people who will welcome you into their country and we guarantee that they will fulfill their commitments. Whether this is an airport pickup, accommodation or transport; the partners’ responsibilities are clearly defined and will be respected.

4) Projects are developed by the local community

We believe that volunteer projects should be developed in close partnership with the beneficiary communities. Projects should not be imposed and it is for this reason that we work with organizations that have a strong presence on the ground. Local organizations are best placed to decide what activities are priorities because they understand the reality, the culture and the needs of the people. We therefore offer projects that respond to the needs of the host community, not just the expectations of participants!

5) We offer unlimited support before, during and after your trip

Take advantage of unlimited and continuous support from HorizonCosmpolite staff, in addition to participating in a pre-departure orientation day, receiving our Participant Booklet and detailed documents on the host country. We are always here to respond to your questions and concerns, whether they are about security, customs, insurances, plane tickets etc.

6) Our programs are flexible and open to everybody

With HorizonCosmopolite you decide: when you leave, with whom you travel, your choice of project and the duration of time that best suits you. Our programs are open to everyone, there are no age restrictions and for the most part, specific experience is not required. In line with our mission, we believe that the experiences offered by HorizonCosmopolite should be accessible to the greatest number of people. Everyone should take a first step in solidarity, towards a world more just and humane.

7) An ethical choice

At HorizonCosmopolite we offer programs that reflect the principles of solidarity or ethical tourism, as defined by the Tourism Intelligence Network (Please see «Humanitarian Travel or Volunturism?» for the full definition). By carefully choosing our partners and adequately preparing our interns, we are committed to offering a rich exchange and discovery experience for our participants, but also for the hosting organizations and communities!