Ecuador, the smallest of the Andean countries, is among the most beautiful destinations in South America. Indian perennial crops – and sometimes successful – a beautifully preserved colonial architecture, breathtaking snow-capped volcanoes and rainforest come together within an area equivalent to half of France. Quito, the flamboyant colonial capital, is only a day’s drive from the Pacific coast or the sweltering tropics of the Amazon.

Offshore, the Pacific, the Galapagos islands scattered over 50,000 square kilometers, about 1000 km from the coast. Fabulous natural treasure, these islands have a flora and fauna unique to the delight of scientists, environmentalists and nature lovers.

Official title of the country: Republic of Ecuador

Capital: Quito

Area: 290 sq km

Population: 1,873,000 inhabitants

Ethnicity: 65% mestizo, 25% Indian, 7% Hispanic, 3% African

Languages: Spanish, Quechua and other Indian languages

Religions: Roman Catholic 95%, 3% Protestant and other Christian minorities


This organization needs volunteers to work on various projects, such as reforestation, organic farming, and recycling paper. As a participant, your daily work activities will consist of working in the gardens and greenhouses, as well as teaching English. Volunteers must have an intermediate knowledge of Spanish and you must be in perfect health. Volunteers should be ready to live in rustic but comfortable conditions.

Language Requirements: English, knowledge of Spanish (as nobody in the community speaks English)

Discover the tropical forest and its diversity! Ecuador is known for its flora and fauna, of which many species are unique to this South American country. We are offering you the opportunity to participate in an environmental protection program lead by an organization that manages six natural reserves in the country. You will be working in collaboration with other volunteers coming from around the world. You will participate in the the reproduction of new plants in the greenhouses, planting trees, and maintaining various dwellings. If you are a student or working in environmental studies, you will be able to assist scientists in their research projects. Depending on your knowledge of Spanish you can also work with the local population, on an educational project regarding sustainable methods of forest exploitation. Finally, expect the work to be physically challenging and the living conditions will be basic.

Language Requirements: English and/or Spanish

Most villages in Ecuador lack teaching personnel and face a shortage of resources. This project enables you to teach in small elementary schools in rural Ecuador, while living with a host family. Knowledge of Spanish is strongly recommended, however volunteers with little knowledge of the language will also have the opportunity to teach English.

Interested volunteers will also have the chance to work in different social projects in the area of Quito. For example, you can work in a day care center, work with disabled children or with street children.

Language Requirements: To teach in Spanish, an intermediate knowledge of the language is necessary. To teach in English, a basic knowledge of Spanish and an intermediate knowledge of English are required.

Our partners in Ecuador welcome you to experience a full cultural immersion with a small Aboriginal community in the heart of the Amazon. Come discover the cultural practices and traditions of the Shuar people, while learning how to survive in the jungle! Learn local techniques of how to fish, hunt, canoe along the river, cook and use traditional medicine. Depending on your interests and skills, you can take part in construction projects, community work or teaching English to children at the local school. While this project is certainly exotic, it also is a great fit for nature lovers who aren’t afraid to live in remote areas under basic conditions.

Language Requirements: Members of the local community predominantly speak Kichwa, Shuar and Ashuar. Community members also understand Spanish. A functional level of Spanish is therefore required in order to participate in this project. It is possible to take intensive Spanish courses in Quito before arriving in the Amazon.

ADDITIONAL Information:

  Length of stay Registration fee Participation fee
Agro-Ecological Farm 1 to 3 months  $700 CAD + tax 1 month : $300 USD
2 months : $550 USD
3 months : $750 USD
(Exchange rate)
Environment 2 to 12 weeks  $700 CAD + tax 2 weeks: $389 USD
3 weeks: $548 USD
4 weeks: $724 USD
5 weeks: $869 USD
6 weeks: $1036 USD
7 weeks: $1174 USD
8 weeks: $1303 USD
9 weeks: $1462 USD
10 weeks: $1600 USD
11 weeks: $1759 USD
12 weeks: $1890 USD Plus $47 USD for administration fees (Exchange rate)
Teaching Minimum 2 months  $700 CAD + tax $400 USD per month
(Exchange rate)
Immersion amazonienne 2 to 12 weeks  $700 CAD + tax $500 USD per month
(Exchange rate)
What’s included?
  • Pre-departure orientation session
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Technical Support
Our service includes: detailed and personalized support, plane ticket reservation, visa advice, information about vaccines, a pre-departure orientation day, a participant guide to help with the preparation of your trip, and a confirmation from our partner abroad. The placement is guaranteed or you will be one hundred percent reimbursed.
What’s not included?
  • Plane Ticket
  • Insurance
  • Passport
  • Vaccination
  • Personal expenses / souvenirs
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Exit Tax