Ghana was the first country in West Africa to gain its independence in 1957. Better known by the nickname of the “Gold Coast” for its vast mineral resources, Ghana is also rich in natural beauty. You will find a variety of Ghana beautiful places, tropical rainforests, rivers, lakes, caves, lagoons and magnificent beaches. Ghana hosts also home to an incredible variety of animal species and over 400 species of birds recorded. But above all, that’s extremely warm hospitality of Ghanaians that we invite you to take part in one of the following courses.

Official title of the country: Republic of Ghana

Capital: Accra

Area: 238 537 sq km

Population: 23,4 million

Ethnicity: There are in Ghana more than 70 ethnic groups, none of which are numerically dominant.

Languages: The official language is English is widely spoken by the population. There are approximately 40 languages and over 90 local dialects. The Ghanaian languages are represented by two major linguistic subgroups: the group and the group kwa gur.

Religions: Christianity dominates in general, while Islam is present mainly in the north.


As a volunteer with a project for the disabled, you will be taking care of people with mental and physical disabilities. Disabled people lack human rights, social integration and basic support – all due to a severe lack of understanding amongst local communities regarding people with disabilities. Very often disabled persons are excluded and hidden from society under the assumption that they are a burden and unable to contribute anything of value. There exist some cultures where disabled people are viewed as cursed and therefore they are treated as outcasts in the society.

Rehabilitation and training centers for the disabled are places where disabled individuals can receive nutrition, education, healthcare, and physiotherapy. In fact, many local communities do not have access to appropriate equipment and materials to treat disabled people. These centers also provide an opportunity for the disabled to learn a vocation, which will enable them to make a living once they have been successfully integrated into the society. By providing care, support and physiotherapy exercises for the disabled, a volunteer would be effectively supporting the under-staffed organizations that assist large numbers of children and adults in low-income areas.

Language Requirements: English

The nation particularly the villages are in dying need of teachers. At time, many elementary schools in the remote villages have only one qualified teacher handling the entire school. Since a large number of rural Ghanaians cannot speak and write English, they are unable to assist the few teachers in their village. It is not necessary to be a certified teacher to volunteer. Virtually any native English speaker can assist with English classes. You may also choose to be engaged in the non-formal education of street children, destitute children, school dropouts and illiterate adults. Placements are also available in urban areas.

Language Requirements: English

Access to basic health care is often one of the most challenging issues that low-income and neglected population face. Community level intervention and local health clinics offer services to local families at minimal or no cost. Working on health projects offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become familiar with the challenges and health issues of developing countries. Health care professionals and students are needed in various health centres in the country, especially in the small village clinics. Be aware that the working conditions may not be what you are used to. Your ability to adapt to a new environment will be essential.

Language Requirements: English

additional information:

Length of stay Registration fee Participation fee
For all the projects in Ghana 2 weeks to 6 months $700 CAD + tax  2 weeks: $735 USD
1 month: $870 USD
2 months: $1189 USD
3 months: $1459 USD
4 months: $1937 USD
(Exchange rate)
What’s included?
  • Pre-departure orientation session
  • Accomodation in a host family
  • Meals (2 meals per day on week day, 3 meals per day on the week-end)
  • Pick up airport
  • Technical Support
Our service includes: detailed and personalized support, plane ticket reservation, visa advice, information about vaccines, a pre-departure orientation day, a participant guide to help with the preparation of your trip, and a confirmation from our partner abroad. The placement is guaranteed or you will be one hundred percent reimbursed.
What’s not included?
  • Plane Ticket
  • Travel Insurance
  • Passport
  • Vaccination
  • Personal expenses
  • Visa (if needed)
  • Exit Tax (if needed)