• Our Registration Fees •

Our Registration Fees

The fact that HorizonCosmopolite is a for-profit organization should not deter from our primary objective to offer people an alternative way to discover the world while continually building new skills.

It is important to state that we do not receive any form of government subsidies to support our organization’s operation and implementation of activities.  HorizonCosmopolite’s sole revenues are based on registration fees paid by participants in addition to the sale of airplane tickets and travel insurance.
Given our for-profit status as an organization, we have decided since the beginning of our establishment to be as transparent as possible.  In order to promote transparency and to be accountable to our clients, the fees related to the Regular Programs have been broken down in the following way:

1. the registration fee (payable to HorizonCosmpolite);

2. the participation fee (payable directly to the partner abroad);

3. the international transport fee (payable through our travel agency and partner).

Therefore, if you take part in a HorizonCosmpolite project you can rest assured that you know exactly where your money is going.  Other volunteer abroad organizations request participants to pay one lump fee without outlining what percentage of the money stays in Canada and what percentage is sent to the partner abroad.  Unlike these organizations, participants in HorizonCosmopolite programs will walk away with a clear understanding of the program costs.

Why Pay Registration Fees?

The payment of a registration fee to HorizonCosmpolite allows us to offer you personalized services and continuous support during the pre-departure stage, throughout the duration of your stay abroad and upon your return.  This registration fee constitutes approximately three to four hours of direct work related to your participant file.  This can include: individual meetings, all pre-departure communication via email or telephone, preparing the partner abroad for your arrival, research and purchase of a plane ticket, follow up with the partner abroad and email or telephone communication once you have arrived in the host country.  These are the visible elements of the work we conduct and the times when we will be in direct contact with you.  It is also important to consider the pre-departure training day which is another 8 hours of group work.

The registration fee covers another section of HorizonCosmopolite services that may not be initially apparent but are an important part in the success of our programs.  Each program we offer is based on thorough research and development in the host country.  This involves researching potential organizations in the Global South.  Subsequently, in order to foster solid partnerships abroad, members of the HorizonCosmpolite staff conduct visits to the field to evaluate the capacity of the organization to host participants and ensure that it is a safe environment.  Once these partnerships are formed, they require a necessary investment of time and money.  Every year, HorizonCosmopolite travels abroad to maintain, improve, evaluate and develop new projects with our partners.  Annually, we visit about fifty percent of our partners with the goal of evaluating and improving our projects.  Many of the changes and updates to the projects are based on returned volunteers’ evaluations; this demonstrates the importance of completing the evaluation forms that HorizonCosmopolite requests at the end of a project.  HorizonCosmopolite’s objective is to visit each partner organization abroad once every two years.  On average, HorizonCosmopolite staff members conduct six field visits a year, each with a duration of two to four weeks.

The registration fees that participants pay are HorizonCosmopolite‘s sole revenue (in addition to the sale of airplane tickets and travel insurance)  and cover the costs of the following:  our salaries (four full-time staff members and a team of four to five trainers), publicity (newspapers, internet, promotional kiosks at events across Quebec and the respective costs), rent, electricity, printing costs, notary, lawyer, accountant, computers, printers, fax, scanners, internet connection, long distance phone charges, a toll free 1-866 number, stationary, post, taxes, etc.

For the sake of honesty and transparency, we have decided to expose our costs and breakdown the registration fee.  We plan to continue our operations based on these principles and we hope you are provided with a better understanding of our institutional costs.  In simple terms, without the registration fee, HorizonCosmpolite would be unable to continue offering such services.

Some individuals may think our registration and participation fees are expensive; however, in comparison to other organizations based in the United States and the United Kingdom, our prices are quite reasonable and generally two to four times less expensive.  In terms of Quebec organizations, we are one of the only private organizations that offer this type of intercultural experience abroad.  In ninety-five percent of the cases, it is non-profit organizations that offer similar internships.  While these internships through non-profits are full funded through your tax money, they often still demand that participants fundraise between $2000 and $3000 for two to three month projects.  Additionally, participants have to take part in a rigorous selection process and apply months in advance.  A three month internship with HorizonCosmpolite, including a registration fee, participation fee, international transport and travel insurance, will cost on average $3000 for Latin America, $4000 for Africa and $3500 for Asia.

Finally, the advantages of going abroad with HorizonCosmpolite are endless!  You have the choice between over forty projects in about twenty countries across the globe.  You have complete control over the duration of your stay and your departure date.  There is no strict selection process, support services are personalized and you leave with total peace of mind knowing that you are heading off to a safe environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the HorizonCosmopolite team if you have any questions or comments regarding our fees.  It would be our pleasure to speak with you about this subject!